Taking a snapshot of the Your Windows Machine Security

Security for the Paranoid!

Ever wished there was a script to take a snapshot of all your current and dormant programs, ports, apps, group policies, USBs, drivers, Scheduled Tasks and Firewall rules to name a few?

Welcome to WinSBL– Windows Security Baseline. I call it security for the paranoid.

Are you worried you might have a persistent threat? How do you differentiate the security posture of your Windows machine at two different points in time?

The script ‘Get-SecurityBaseline.ps1’ will churn out all the relevant information for you! Running the script is simple:

The script requires admin permissions to run and powershell 3 and above.

Oh and make sure your computer allows running scripts (controlled by ExecutionPolicy).

The script creates a pretty HTML report with the relevant information:

The script also supports file hashing of all the System files if needed:

That would take longer, so its important to stay calm!

Questions, comments or suggestions? Please drop a line here or contribute on GitHub

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